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    Is your child having problems with math in school; specifically, multiplication of whole numbers? If so, we have the perfect Android App that can help.

    "Arithmetic Tutor - Multiplication" is an Android app that helps grade school students to learn and master the multiplication of whole numbers. The student selects the options for the exercise, such as the number of digits for each operands, and number of problems in each exercise. The app then randomly generates the operands for each problems in the exercise based on the options selected. The student is given the opportunity to solve it, by entering intermediate result such as carry, sum and product by simply dragging and dropping digits, and the app will check the answer. If the answer is incorrect, the student can either try again, or ask the app to show where the mistake(s) is/are, or ask the app to show the steps to solve the problem. All instructions are given verbally (i.e. the app talks to the student), with the option of displaying the verbal instructions as text. Unlike a human tutor, this app is infinitely patient, so the student will never feel intimidated. The score for the exercises are recorded, and can be retrieved to find out the student's progress.

    The method used in this app employs the technique sometimes called the lattice method, without the need to draw the boxes. But even more important, this method also makes explicit the place concept of all the intermediate product, carry, and sum digits, and it is more similar to the traditional method of multiplication.

    This app is not a mindless video game. However, your kid will love it because he/she will have fun using it. And you will see improvements very quickly.

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