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    ASBOG Exam Flashcard Study System uses repetitive methods of study to teach you how to break apart and quickly solve difficult test questions on the National Association of State Boards of Geology Examination.

    Study after study has shown that spaced repetition is the most effective form of learning, and nothing beats flashcards when it comes to making repetitive learning fun and fast.

    Our flashcards enable you to study small, digestible bits of information that are easy to learn and give you exposure to the different question types and concepts. ASBOG Exam Flashcard Study System covers:

    Field Methods/Geophysics/Modeling, Types of Faults, Law of Initial Horizontality, Radiometric Methods, Rule of V's, Geomorphic Characteristics of a Fault, Orogenic Events, Field Investigations, Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Snell's Law, Spontaneous Potential (SP), Gamma Radiation, Side-Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR), Hydrogeology/Environmental Geochemistry, Porosity and Permeability, Containment of Water in Underground Structures, Hydrogeological Investigation, Hydrologic Budget Equation, Ground-water Inventory Equation, Bernoulli Equation, Aquifers, Porosity, Values of Specific Yield, Storativity or Storage coefficient, Transmissivity, Bailer Test, The Theis Equation and Method, Dupuit Equation, Ground Water StudiesHardness Concentration, Human Pollution of Groundwater, Inorganic Contaminants, Drinking Water Regulations, Engineering Geology, Atterberg Limits, Soil Characteristics, United Soil Classification System, Wentworth Scale, Ground Materials, Engineered Structures, Structural Geology/Tectonics/Seismology, Basic Categories of Depth Problem, Topographic Surface, Plate Boundary, Earthquakes, Seismic Moment, Law of Initial Horizontality, Varves, Stratiform and Stratabound, Mineralogy/Petrography/Petrology, Bowen's Reaction Series, Rock Types, Sedimentary Rocks, Diagenesis, Metamorphic Rocks, Regional Metamorphism, and much more...

    Disclaimer: Mometrix Media LLC, the publisher of this product, is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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