Astronomy Universe Calendar 3D




    You don't need to invent the time machine to make sent yourself back in time! "Astronomy Universe Calendar" tells about the history of the Universe in 3D format! You will learn the most interesting scenes in history of our Universe and explore amazing 3D models of planets, stars, galaxies, dinosaurs, birds, plants and people.

    Over 20 magnificent 3D models
    High quality photo and video
    Detailed description of each scene
    Interesting cases
    Language: English, Russian

    The app based on the famous astronomy book "The Dragons of Eden" by an American astrophysicist and science popularizer Carl Sagan. He created a scale in which the lifetime of the Universe is mapped onto a single year. There are almost 475 years per second at this scale.

    By moving along the timeline you will take an extraordinary astronomy journey to the past and will see the most remarkable scenes of history of the Universe from the Big Bang to skyscrapers construction!
    All the scenes have pictural descriptions; there are a lot of photo, video and 3D astronomy materials related to corresponding scenes.

    The most important astronomy stages of the Universe history with amazing 3D models are presented in the app:
    • Bing Bang
    • Galaxies formation
    • Solar System formation
    • Milky Way Galaxy formation
    • Origin of life on the Earth
    • Atmosphere formation
    • First photosynthetic organisms
    • First eukaryotes
    • First worms
    • First fish and insects
    • First animals and amphibians
    • First trees
    • First flowers
    • First reptiles
    • Dinosaurs’ extinction
    • First mammals
    • First birds
    • First primates
    • First hominids
    • First humans
    • Skyscrapers and others!


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