Auditory Analysis (UK accent)

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    In order to learn to how to read and spell, children need to learn that written words are represented by letters (graphemes) which are comprised of sounds (phonemes). (The phonemes change depending on the surrounding sounds.) It is vital that children develop the necessary skills in order to identify sounds in words so that they can become competent readers. This skill refers to Auditory Processing

    Studies have proved that auditory analysis training results in significantly better reading. We make this process fun, so that your child can become a better reader. If you invest in your child’s development early on, you will build his confidence and love of reading and lay the foundation for his future education.

    The App is targeted for teachers and parents and therapists to encourage children to practice these fundamental skills.

    Level one of Auditory Analysis can be used by children from approximately 4 years of age.

    Auditory Analysis has 7 levels with a total of 356 practice words each with their own image.

    Level 1: Compound words. The student has to omit one part of the compound word.
    Level 2: Two syllable words. The student has to omit one syllable
    Level 3: The student has to omit the initial phoneme from the word
    Level 4: The student has to omit the final phoneme from the word
    Level 5: The student has to substitute either the initial or final phoneme of the word with a different phoneme
    Level 6: Words containing consonant blends. The student has to omit one sound from the blend
    Level 7: Words containing consonant blends. The student is required to substitute one of sounds in the blend.

    Two fun games provide motivation.
    Squash the spider: A pesky spider is on the loose Squash him before he wreaks havoc. He is super fast and strong. Get him five times so that he moves to a different neighborhood.
    Pop the balloon: On no! All the balloons are flying away they are going to pollute the environment. Pop as many as you can fast before it is too late.

    The app has been designed by Nikki Heyman who holds qualifications in both speech and language therapy and remedial education. She has worked with children ranging from 2 ½ years old through 12 years of age. Nikki has ensured that the customisation options provided allow the app to meet your needs.

    Images have been carefully selected to best illustrate the words.

    Auditory processing refers to the ability to identify, interpret and attach meaning to sound that is heard. This can be in the absence of a physical hearing loss.

    This App addresses the following critical Auditory Processing Skills:
    Auditory Discrimination: the ability to hear differences in sounds
    Auditory Segmenting/Syllabification: the ability to break words into their parts and syllables.
    Auditory Analysis: to determine the number, sequence, and specific sounds that are within a word
    Auditory Blending: to blend individual sounds to form words.
    Auditory- Visual Association: to be able to link a sound with a grapheme (letter).

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