Augmented Human Anatomy Model+

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    Augmented Human Anatomy Model+

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    The Augmented Human Anatomy Model (AHAM) is a 3-D model of the human body and its significant parts, in augmented reality.

    This application looks for a specific picture (an image with a specific design that you MUST use located at and displays a virtual model over it. Don't be afraid to press and hold the buttons on the picture!

    Just open the application and position your camera so that the entire Image Target is visible, and like magic, the 3-D model will appear. Then you may interact with the model with swipes, taps, double taps, and pressing Virtual Buttons that are on the target itself!

    Just print out the image or view it from your computer.

    This application shows off the power of augmented reality and its use in the educational realm. If you like what you see, let us know! We are looking for interest so we can add some missing and very important organs to the model!

    Keep an eye out for updates and thanks for looking!

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