Babble shows you short phrases/sentences in many different languages and you'll have to pronounce them quickly (in 4 seconds) and correctly. The app will give you feedback on your pronunciation skills. You'll be able to see your improvements over time.

    Components of a typical practice session:

    - tap on the big yellow button and read out loud the displayed text (in the correct language)
    - tap on the text to try again
    - tap on the language label (under the phrase) to send the phrase to Google Translate
    - tap on "Phrases" to see the history of phrases, sortable by various parameters
    - tap on a phrase to listen to its correct pronunciation
    - tap on "Plot" to see the graph of your error levels in different languages

    Babble uses the services of speech-to-text and text-to-speech that are available via standard Android APIs. The apps that provide these services (e.g. Google Voice Search for speech-to-text, various TTS engines for text-to-speech) have to be installed separately in case they are not already pre-installed.

    The current version is a prototype. The core of it was developed by 3 Android enthusiasts over a weekend in the beautiful library of Genk, Belgium, as part of the V Hack Android hackathon. For more information see:

    Known bug: after changing the selection of active languages you must relaunch the app for the changes to take effect.

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