Baby Central




    Introducing the Best Baby Resource, recommended by pediatric physicians nationwide. Baby Central U.S.A. was created to provide parents easy access to local information for child safety, family education and recreation.

    Baby Central U.S.A. is the one resource that parents and family members cannot live without. The App will inform parents of the various child classes, activities and medical supports in their area. It will teach parents how to safety proof their homes and alert them to the most common danger areas. It will constantly update the user on all baby product recalls, and Amber Alerts.

    Baby Central U.S.A. also offers social networking through our facebook and twitter accounts. This will allow parents to network with each other, share ideas, and form support groups for families facing similar situations and challenges.

    Please visit our website at for additional resources.

    All information provided has been approved by the Baby Central U.S.A. Medical Advisory Board.