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    A collection of Rockabye Baby and Baby Go music to soothe and calm your little one at bedtime or naptime.. and help them fall asleep faster and easier. Timeless rock songs that have been transformed into lullabies.. so cute and cool at the same time!


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    "Researchers believe that musical training actually creates new pathways in the brain."

    Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. Parents know that a quiet, gentle lullaby can soothe a fussy baby. And a majestic chorus can make us swell with excitement. But music also can affect the way we think.

    In recent years, we've learned a lot about how the brain develops. Babies are born with billions of brain cells. During the first years of life, those brain cells form connections with other brain cells. Over time, the connections we use regularly become stronger. Children who grow up listening to music develop strong music-related connections.

    Some of these music pathways actually affect the way we think. Listening to classical music can improve our spatial reasoning, at least for a short time.

    The music most people call "classical"--works by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart--is different from music such as rock and country. Classical music has a more complex musical structure. Babies as young as 3 months can pick out that structure and even recognize classical music selections they have heard before.

    Researchers think the complexity of classical music is what primes the brain to solve spatial problems more quickly. So listening to classical music may have different effects on the brain than listening to other types of music.

    This doesn't mean that other types of music aren't good. Listening to any kind of music helps build music-related pathways in the brain. And music can have positive effects on our moods that may make learning easier.

    Play music for your baby. Expose your baby to many different musical selections of various styles. But keep the volume moderate. Loud music can damage a baby's delicate hearing.

    Songs you know and love in lullaby form..

    - Michael Jackson
    - Coldplay
    - Robbie Williams
    - Radiohead
    - The Beatles
    - Nirvana
    - Abba
    - Sting / The Police
    - Pink Floyd
    -Smashing Pumpkins
    + more will be added often!

    Enjoy! And watch out.. you may just fall asleep yourself.. don't say we didn't warn you.. :)

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