Bachata Musicality




    You've heard about bachata. Maybe you've heard the music or even danced a bit. But how do the pieces fit together?

    This new app is a tool for dancers and instructors to learn how the different pieces of the music fit together. Play with enabling or disabling different instruments and identify how the music changes on different beats. See how the güira, bongos, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar interact with the beat of the music, and enable voice counts if you're just listening, rather than watching the beats.

    Your understanding of the music will quickly go from "Hey, that sounds cool!" to "Listen to how that güira hits!"

    If you're a dancer, you'll quickly see your skills improve on the dance floor when you learn how to anticipate what's coming in the music.

    If you're an instructor, you can use this tool to easily teach others how bachata music is put together, to help them truly connect with the music.

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