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    This ultimate unique application is for all students across the world. It covers 99 topics of Basic Electrical in detail. These 99 topics are divided in 4 units.

    Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

    This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

    Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

    Some of topics Covered in this application are:
    1. Manufacturing Engineering
    2. Manufacturing Process
    3. Product Simplification and Standardisation
    4. Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM)
    5. Product Development
    6. Material Properties
    7. Toughness and Ductility
    8. Torsion
    9. Fatigue and Creep
    10. Ferrous Metals
    11. Cast Iron
    12. White cast iron
    13. Malleable cast iron
    14. Wrought Iron
    15. Plain carbon steel
    16. Heat resisting steels
    17. Nickel and its Alloy
    18. Non-Ferrous metals
    19. Brasses
    20. Bronzes
    21. Transformation During Heating and Cooling of Steel
    22. Hardning and Tempring
    23. Hot chamber die-casting
    24. Introduction of Casting
    25. Permanent Mold or Gravity Die Casting
    26. Shell Mold Casting
    27. Probable Causes and Suggested remedies of Various Casting Defects
    28. Plastic Molding Processes
    29. Introduction of forging
    30. Forgeability and Forgable Matrials
    31. Heating Devices
    32. Open fire and stock fire furnace
    33. Control of Heating Devices
    34. Forging Operations
    35. Hot Working of Metals
    36. Hot Working
    37. Classification of Hot Working Processes
    38. Hot Extrusion
    39. Hot Drawing and Hot Spinning
    40. Comparison of Hot Working with Cold Working
    41. Cold Working
    42. Cold Working Process
    43. Wire Drawing
    44. introduction to metal cutting
    45. Cutting Tool
    46. Mechanics of Metal Cutting
    47. Introduction to Lathe Machine
    48. Construction of Lathe Machine
    49. Accessories and Attachments of Lathe
    50. Specification of Lathe
    51. Taper and Tapers Turning
    52. Lathe Operations
    53. Thread Cutting
    54. Introduction to Drilling Machine
    55. Types of Drilling Machine
    56. Types of Drills
    57. Twist Drill Geometry
    58. Operations Performed on Drilling Machine
    59. Operations Performed on Drilling Machine-Tapping
    60. Shaper
    61. Types of Shapers
    62. Principal Parts of Shaper
    63. Specification of a Shaper
    64. Shaper Operations
    65. Planer
    66. Principle parts of a Slotter
    67. Introduction to Milling
    68. Types of Milling Cutters
    69. Types of Milling Machines
    70. Column and Knee Type Milling Machine
    71. Indexing and Dividing Heads
    72. Introduction to Welding
    73. Welding joints
    74. Welding Positions
    75. Classification of Welding and Allied Processes
    76. Gas Welding Processes
    77. Gas Welding Equipments
    78. Arc Welding Processes
    79. Arc Welding Equipment
    80. Resistance Welding
    81. Resistance Seam Welding
    82. Brazing
    83. Plant layout
    84. Types of Layouts
    85. Line or Product Layout
    86. Comparison of Line or Product Layout and Process or Functional Layout
    87. Felling, Conversion and Seasoning of Wood
    88. Hard and Soft Wood
    89. Defects in Timber
    90. Characteristics of a Good Timber
    91. Ceramics materials
    92. Powder-metallurgy process
    93. Characteristic of Metal Powders
    94. Galvanization
    95. Advantages of powder Metallurgy
    96. Electroplating
    97. Plastics
    98. Comparison Between Thermo Plastic and Thermosetting Plastic
    99. Normalizing and Annealing

    All topics not listed here due to character limitations set by Google Play.

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