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    Basics for Toddlers is a fun, and educational game for preschool kids, aged one to six. Your kids will learn the alphabet, they'll learn their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in a fun and engaging environment that they will love.

    We have taken the basics your child will need to know by preschool and kindergarten, and rolled it all up into one game. I wrote this game for my own toddler, and once he can talk, I'm sure he'll agree that this game is both immensely entertaining, and educational. How much better of an endorsement can you get, right?!

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    It's amazing to watch how quickly your children will start picking out their letters and numbers as well as shapes and colors as well. Your kids won't be able to get enough of it.

    Also, check out the Progress Report to keep track of what your child may be struggling with, and use that to build a practice list to help with just the ones your child may be struggling with.

    » All letters of the English Alphabet
    » All numbers from 0 - 10
    » Shapes your child will need to know by preschool
    » Primary, secondary, and other colors your child should learn first
    » Progress report that shows you how your child is doing
    » List of problem areas to help you see where your child needs help

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