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    Interesting facts about beauty and cosmetics that you surely didn't know! Prepare to be mystified! 'Beauty Facts' app provides you with a great number of entertaining tips that will help you find out how to look fabulous! Numerous data about cosmetic products, makeup or hairstyle that you'll find amazing and above all - useful! Download 'Beauty Facts' and discover what it takes "to be beautiful"!
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    Read about interesting trivia about makeup products you use every day or incredible statistics about the use of cosmetics and beautifying! Discover how to be beautiful at school and high school memories will be your favorite ones. Find out what it is that men find irresistibly attractive in women: you will be amazed! Read about unusual fashion trends and interesting beauty facts from the past: you won't believe it!
    Have you ever wondered what it is that makes attractive people stand out from the crowd and get better opportunities in life? I bet you didn't know that beautiful people make about 5% more money an hour than their average-looking colleagues. Browse through the various information in the app to find out how physically attractive people are treated by the society in comparison to less physically attractive ones. These are all proven research data and statistics!
    You want to know some of the makeup tips and tricks that you didn't know before and discover how to be beautiful all the time? 'Beauty Facts' is an ideal app for you - you can use it any time you want and you will never find it boring. I'm sure you're interested in perfect makeover for any occasion but beware - some studies have shown common lead contamination in lipsticks! Moreover, ground fish scales has been used for years in the western societies to add shimmer to lipsticks and eye shadows - how incredible is that information!
    Nowadays, there are numerous ways to beautify yourself by going to salons, hair dresser's or makeup artists, but do you know what the women of ancient Egypt were doing to look beautiful? Did you know that during the ancient time, Noble Japanese women were not allowed to appear in public without intensive make-up? Other unbelievable and fun “facts to know” are now at your disposal in this cool app - keep reading and have a lot of fun!
    Interesting random facts about the origins of nail art, popular cosmetic companies or different hair styles throughout the centuries is all here in one place. Learn how to look healthy and how to be beautiful everyday , feel like you're the Miss Universe 2012 and have a great time using this amazing app with beauty facts for girls for free!
    By using 'Beuty Facts' you'll discover various fun facts about the endless variety of lotions, creams, ointments, face masks and other beauty products you're using any time. Interesting facts about fabulous hairstyles, makeup and skin care cosmetics - all is here for you in a single free app! Discover ways in which you can look beautiful and attractive every day no matter what your age and have fun using the app!

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