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    Bedtime Stories Collection
    1. Ungratefulness Kids Story
    2. The Crooked Fox Kids Story
    3. The Fox and the Goat Kids Story
    4. The Mediator Kids Story
    5. The Mouse and the Lion Kids Story
    6. The Fox and the Stork Kids Story
    7. The Greedy Lion Kids Story
    8. The Crocodile and the Monkey Kids Story
    9. The Rabbit and the Tortoise Kids Story
    10. Think before you Leap Kids Story

    Your Kid will learn following Life Morals from this Android Application
    1. Ungratefulness Kids Story: The moral of the story is - We should never forget our truth and always be grateful to the people who helped and supported us in bad times.
    2. The Crooked Fox: The crooked fox learnt a lesson that once or twice you can make fool of somebody and take unfair advantage of one’s faith but not always. Ultimately the truth reveals itself.
    3. The Fox and The Goat: The moral of the story is - Think before you do something, otherwise you may have to repent afterwards.
    4. The Mediator: The moral of the story is - It is always wise to settle our arguments ourselves otherwise the third person could take unfair advantage of the situation.
    5. The Lion and The Mouse: The moral of the story is many times smallest and weakest friends can also be a great help.
    6. The Fox and the Stork: One should not expect good deed if he does something bad to the other person. Tit for tat.
    7. The Greedy Lion: The moral of the story is one should be satisfied with what he has and should not be greedy otherwise he loses whatever he has.
    8. The Monkey and The Crocodile: The moral of the story is “You will reap what you sow”
    9. The Rabbit and the Tortoise: The moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.”
    10. Think Before You Leap: The moral of the story is “Always think before you leap. One should think before he does something, otherwise he may have to repent afterwards.”

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