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    ++ Learn English - Audiobooks,Dictionary,Grammar and Games (Premium Version) ++
    All the tools you need to learn English quickly and pass the official exams.
    - Audiobooks with the text of the books.
    - English Dictionary with samples and sounds.
    - List of words sorted by topic.
    - Games with lists of words that you are studying.
    - Flash card system.
    - Grammar lessons.
    - Pronunciation lessons.
    - Regular and irregular verbs.

    ++ Audiobooks - Improve the listening skills and learn vocabulary ++
    - More than 2600 Audiobooks with the text.
    - The books can be downloaded and read without Internet connection.
    - If there's a word you do not know, click on it to find the meaning or add it to the list of words to study.
    - The catalog includes novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction.

    ++ English Dictionary – Improve your vocabulary ++
    - More than 172000 words.
    - More than 180,000 senses and 49,000 sample sentences.
    - Includes quality sounds for phrases and words.
    - Include bookmarks and history.
    - Fast, as it works offline; internet is used only for a few features.

    ++ List of books ++
    - Misérables, Les (Hugo, Victor)
    - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Twain, Mark)
    - Pride and Prejudice (Austen, Jane)
    - KamaSutra, The
    - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)
    - Grimm's Fairy Tales (Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm)
    - Noiseless Patient Spider, A (Whitman, Walt)
    - Leaves of Grass (Whitman, Walt)
    - Prince, The (Machiavelli, Niccolo)
    - Ulysses (Joyce, James)
    - Republic, The (Plato)
    - Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft)
    - Tale of Two Cities, A (Dickens, Charles)
    - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Carroll, Lewis)
    - Importance of Being Earnest, The (Wilde, Oscar)
    - Siddhartha (Hesse, Hermann)
    - Gulliver's Travels (Swift, Jonathan)
    - Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (By Twain, Mark)
    - Moby Dick, or the Whale (Melville, Herman)
    - Christmas Carol, A (Dickens, Charles)
    - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (Douglass, Frederick)
    - Great Expectations (Dickens, Charles)
    - Dracula (Stoker, Bram)
    - Doll's House, A (Ibsen, Henrik)
    - Jane Eyre (Brontë, Charlotte)
    - Count of Monte Cristo, The (Dumas, Alexandre)
    - War and Peace, Book 01: 1805 (Tolstoy, Leo)
    - Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche, Friedrich)
    - Modest Proposal, A (Swift, Jonathan)
    - Picture of Dorian Gray, The (Wilde, Oscar)
    - Peter Pan (Barrie, J. M.)
    - Princess of Mars, A (Burroughs, Edgar Rice)
    - Study in Scarlet, A (Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)
    - Treasure Island (Stevenson, Robert Louis)
    - Walden (Thoreau, Henry David)
    - Essays book (Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de)
    - War of the Worlds, The (Wells, H. G.)
    - Robinson Crusoe (Defoe, Daniel)
    - Emma (Austen, Jane)
    - Dubliners (Joyce, James)
    - Dead, The (Joyce, James)
    - Murders in the Rue Morgue, The (Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Works of Edgar Allan Poe, The, Raven Edition, Volume 1 (Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) (Jerome, Jerome K.)
    - Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The (Baum, L. Frank)
    - Jungle Book, The (Kipling, Rudyard)
    - Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - 12 Creepy Tales (Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Jungle Book, The (Kipling, Rudyard)
    - Return of Sherlock Holmes, The (Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)

    ++ English Grammar lessons and pronunciation ++
    - Verb tense (Simple Present, Present Continuous,...)
    - Irregular verbs
    - Conditionals - (Zero conditional, First conditional,...)
    - Conjunctions
    - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
    - Singular and Plural Nouns
    - Count Nouns and Uncountable Nouns
    - Possessive Nouns
    - Pronouns
    - Action Verbs
    - Adjectives
    - Adverbs
    - Active / Passive Verb Forms
    - Mood for Grammar
    - Auxiliary Verbs
    - Prepositions
    - Indefinite and Definite Articles
    - Interjections
    - Capitalization
    - More

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