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    The Christian Bible is made up of two sections, the ‘Old Testament’ and the ‘New Testament.’ The Old Testament (‘OT’ for short) is essentially the Hebrew, or Tanakh, with some minor variations. It includes religious law, historical narratives and prophetic writings.

    The word ‘testament’ means ‘covenant.’ The term ‘old testament’ thus refers to the covenant which God entered into with Abraham and the people of Israel, and ‘new testament’ refers to the covenant the earliest Christians believed God has entered into will all believers through Christ.

    This perspective can be seen in the New Testament itself. At the Last Supper, Jesus speaks of the New Testament in his blood. In the second letter to the Corinthian church, the Apostle Paul declares himself a minister ‘of the new testament’, and calls the covenant entered into on Mount Sinai ‘the old testament’. Because the old covenant was embodied in the Jewish scriptures, it was an easy step to use the term ‘Old Testament’ to signify those scriptures.

    Protestant Christians recognize only the books of the Old Testament that were included in the Jewish Bible, while Catholic and Orthodox Christians include several more books, known as the ‘Apocrypha’ as part of the canonical Old Testament.

    In 1604, King James I of England authorized that a new translation of the Bible into English be started. It was finished in 1611; just 85 years after the first translation of the New Testament into English appeared.

    The KJV, or King James Version, quickly became the standard for English-speaking Protestants. Its flowing language and prose rhythm has had a profound influence on the literature of the past 400 years.

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