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    Get FREE access to the internet's best free biology and life science video lectures. We have assembled links to biology video lectures from the Khan Academy ( ) and MIT's Open CourseWare website and put them together in one app so you can just watch the free lectures right away without having to navigate the different websites.

    Easily browse all Khan Academy Biology lectures and MIT Introduction to BIology lectures and watch them in your phone's YouTube player. You must have the youtube player installed.

    Here are some of the keywords from the lectures linked to in this app:

    evolution, natural, selection, variation, biology. ape, great, lesser, tail, primate. evolution, natural, selection, intelligent, design. biology, intelligent, design. evolution, natural, selection, intelligent, design. biology, dna, genetics. natural, selection, biology, evolution, variation. dna, evolution, biology, chromosomes. biology, mitosis, meiosis, haploid, diploid. mitosis. meiosis, mitosis. biology, stem, cells, embryonic. cancer, biology, mitosis.

    biology, heredity, genetics, genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive. biology, heredity, genetics, genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive. biology, genetics, hardy, weinberg. biology, mitosis, meiosis, haploid, diploid, sex-linked, trait. biology, bacteria. biology, virus, viruses. ATP, Adenosine, Triphosphate. cellular, respiration, glycolysis, kreb's, cycle, electron, transport, chain.

    oxidation, reduction. oxidation, reduction, cellular, respiration. glycolysis, cellular, respiration. Krebs, citric, acid, cycle. Electron, Transport, Chain. oxidative, phosphorylation, chemiosmosis. photosynthesis, biology. light, reaction, photosynthesis. chlorophyll, photosynthesis, light, reactions, photophophorylation

    photosynthesis, dark, reactions, calvin, cycle, nucleus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, mitochondria, chloroplasts, vacuoles, and vesicles. diffusion, osmosis, hypertonic, hypotonic, solute, solvent, solution. pulmonary, lungs, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, diaphragm, red, blood, cell, hemoglobin. heart, blood, vein, artery, pulmonary, atrium, ventricle. hemoglobin, red, blood, cell, allosteric, cooperative, heme. neuron, anatomy, dendrite, axon, myelin, schwann

    sodium, potassium, pump, atp, atpase, voltage, gradient. sodium, potassium, pump. action, electrotonic, neuron, potential. saltatory, electrotonic, action, potential, neuron. neuron, chemical, synapse. myosin, actin, muscle. tropomyosin, troponin, calcium, ion, muscle, contraction. sarcoplasmic, reticulum, muscle, contraction, motor, neuron. muscle, anatomy. immunology, phagocyte, neutrophil, macrophage, dendritic. humoral, cell, mediated, nonspecific, immunity, adaptive

    cells, lymphocytes, antibodies, MHC, APC, antingen, presenting, cells. Cell, lymphocyte, immunity. cytotoxic, cell, effor, memory. plasma, cell, helper, effector, memory, cytotoxic. inflammatory, response, immune, system. renal, kidney, nephron. secondary, active, transport, nephron, symporter, antiporter

    taxonomy. homo, sapiens, eukaryotes, primates, mammals, chordates

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