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    TweetChirp Bird Calls (TBC)


    TBC uses a File Navigation Scheme to locate a folder of bird Image/Audio file(s) to view/Play(Call) Image/Audio file(s).

    The initial folder which is created and populated by TBC is mnt/sdcard/TFGtmp and has three image and three audio files.

    The top label depicts the current folder.

    The bird icon depicts an image file and the musical note icon depicts an audio file.

    Tap on a audio file to play (call) the bird.

    Tap on a image file to view it.

    Tap on the top label and the bird call will cease.

    At the top aginst a black background are TWO DOTS. Tap on it and the system slips back one sub-folder.

    The folder icon depicts a folder.

    Any other file is depicted by a document icon.

    Scrolling the screen reveals a silver tab on the RIGHT. Tap and hold this tab for faster scrolling.

    The last entry at the bottom of the screen, summarizes the total number of folders/images/audio/other file types.


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    TweetChirp Bird Calls (TBC)

    Free Package

    Tap Menu

    Tap Options

    Tap Sample


    Unzip it

    The app with create a folder mnt/sdcard/download and copy tcasamples to it.

    Then it will unzip to folder mnt/sdcard/tcasamples.

    After downloading, the user should make this folder the DEFAULT folder.

    Navigate to this folder tapping the TWO DOTS.

    Tap Menu

    Tap Default Folder

    Tap Yes


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    TweetChirp Bird Calls (TBC)


    Anywhere Software -> Basic4Android

    Erel Uziel..............General and Layout Code

    David Erez..............TreeView Code

    Klaus Christl...........HelpScrollView Code

    Andrew Graham...........Reflection Library

    Andrew Graham...........Dialogs Library

    Alain Bailleul..........ABZipUnzip Library

    Specci48................SPDialogs Library


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    TweetChirp Bird Calls (TBC)


    Ray Tesluk M.D., C.C.F.P(c), F.C.F.P.(c)

    Port Hope, Ontario



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