Boarders Ahoy!




    NATO is taking the fight against smugglers and terrorists to the virtual seas. This new computer game helps to instruct boarding parties on NATO vessels how to conduct boarding operations and search ships for weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

    "Boarders Ahoy!" is the swashbuckling name of the simulation that will be used by the NATO Maritime Interdiction and Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC). This tactical first-person-perspective game is intended to teach boarding parties how to search cargo ships and question crews. The game is sponsored by NATO's Allied Commander Transformation (ACT).

    With NATO vessels engaged in boarding operations in the Mediterranean and off the Horn of Africa, the alliance set up the NMIOTC aboard a decommissioned Greek naval vessel at Souda Bay, Crete.

    Like most serious games, "Boarders Ahoy!" educates by providing an immersive environment. The game is still being fleshed out, but will most likely have three levels: a ship that carries no contraband and whose crew complies with the search; a ship that carries no contraband, but the crew is less than thrilled about being stopped; and a vessel carrying contraband, whose crew is not inclined to spend time in a prison cell.

    This is the mobile version of one of these scenarios.

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