Boot Launch for Kid Mode

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    This app performs a simple yet powerful task.

    By enabling "Launch Kid Mode when device turns on", your Android Device will immediately launch Kid Mode (by Zoodles) when it powers on (after having been turned off or rebooted).

    This will allow you to hand the device to your child without the risk of them accidentally turning the device off/on (or rebooting it) to subvert/exit Kid Mode.

    When you no longer require this feature, simply disable it and continue using your device as normal.

    After Enabling this feature, test it by powering off your device, then turning it back on.

    Reboot's Ramblings is not affiliated with Zoodles. This is simply a tool to provide more control over the Kid Mode App. This app is not a premium feature of Kid Mode and is not required to use the Kid Mode App.

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