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    ***** Improve focus and energy levels *****

    BrainBreak has been designed with lots of exercises to help students and teachers take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and empowered to learn. Each exercise has been designed to get maximum oxygen and energy to students to improve focus, energy levels and work satisfaction.

    BrainBreak will increase posture control, general motivation and class teamwork in each classroom. BrainBreak is made up of nine different categories which each energise and exercises the student's bodies and brains in a different way. For best results with most of the BrainBreaks, music is a great way to motivate students and increase enjoyment and activities when using this application.

    Positive Actions - Are different areas of student's life that you can work through together. They help empower students to make positive choices and achieve goals in and out of school.

    Powerful Proverbs - Quotes from powerful and positive people who have been successful making the right choices and having a go. Read one proverb a day and talk about how the students can benefit from this.

    Stretches - Stretches that the students can do to relive stress and relax before, after and during work.

    Posture - Movements which will improve the student's body control and ability to keep in task and be productive throughout the day.

    Controlled Movements - Movements that the class can do together. They work on teamwork, coordination and concentration, which is perfect for increasing focus and energy levels.

    Breathing - Designed for relaxing students before or after a test, or if they have just come in from outside and are in need of focusing before starting work.

    Movements - Movements that include arrange of activities to improve your focus and concentration in the class.

    Balance and Coordination - Exercises, which will improve balance, coordination and overall focus in the classroom.

    Brain Teasers - A list of riddles and brain teasers for the students to work together and think of the solution.

    Meditations - Meditations to relive pressure and tension so students can preform at their peak.

    MegaBreak - A mixture of all activities in this application. See how many you can complete as a class in a 3-minute break.

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