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    *** About the App ***
    Buddha Vacana is a daily readings app that automatically bring a verse of the Buddha’s teachings to you daily on your Android tablets / phones, facebook, PC and other supported devices.

    This app is provided free for the benefit of all sentient beings, so please use it and share it!

    This app is developed by myself, so if it makes you happy or sad, or it improved your life or caused your doggie to have sleepless nights, I want to know!

    No robots, cyborgs or gooses were harmed during the development of this app!

    Pondering kindly is ezi!

    *** Info ***

    'Buddha Vacana' means the Words of the Buddha. It started off with the set of verses from the book Buddha Vacana: Sacred Literature of Buddhism and now offers other books for download.

    *** New ***
    1.1.4 - 25 Aug 2012
    New: Light theme and colors
    Fix: Settings not saved
    Fix: Alarm still trigger even when disabled
    Fix: Autostart rewritten as a service. Certain task killer apps may aggressively close apps, and cause the autostart feature to be disabled. If affected, please exclude this app for closing by Task Killers.
    KIV: Pinch-zoom for Verses
    New: Option to disable Tips popup display
    New: Options page rewritten to use standard Android Preference Activity
    New: Info page popup dialog
    New: Info page contains links to web site and email for support and feedback
    New: Book Selections
    Fix: App giving notifications when notifications turned off in options menu.
    Mod: Options page UI
    Add: Font size selection
    Add: Today and Random verse option
    Add: App signature in verse sharing
    * Verse references
    * Verse sharing
    * Menu options

    *** Features ***
    * 365 verses from the Pali Canon and post-canonical Buddhist texts.
    * Date selectable to browse and read.
    * Soothing bell chime on startup of app to remind you to come back to the moment, to your breath.
    * Daily verse reminder at user preset time.

    *** Acknowledgements ***

    Special thanks to Bhante Dhammaratana and the Buddhist Library, for the kind guidance and support these few years, through which I'm able to share the Dharma and write this android app. Thank you! :)

    The original book Buddha Vacana was compiled by Venerable S. Dhammika and was published by the Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society.

    Transcribing of the book was done by group leaders of Camp Nirvana Singapore (CNS1996) organised by Nanyang Technological University Buddhist Society (NTUBS) in 1996.

    Android version was developed using (free open-source) Eclipse tools and Google Android SDK. Testing done on Dell Streak 5 (Android 2.2.2) made available through 'angbao' funds.

    The first version "Digital Buddha Vacana" was written in 1996 for the Windows platform using MSVC from Industrial Attachment days (Internship), and later updated using MSVC6.0 from workplace. Works on Win9x, WinNT, Win2k, WinXP, WinVista and Win7.

    Facebook port was developed using notepad++ and other text editor. DBV app for facebook runs on

    Please visit for support of more platforms.

    Development and testing for various platforms was done on emulators or devices given by donors.

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