Buddy™ brings peers, teachers and experts from different schools and universities together in one big social learning network where they can capitalize on one another’s resources, knowledge and skills.
    Simplified workflow through the cloud.

    Setup an entire organization on the cloud without any technical skills, stay current anywhere on all your connected devices, and never lose your valuable data, it's always there in the cloud whenever you need it.

    - Easy organization setup
    Setting up your organization cloud requires no IT professional, it's as simple as performing some data entry and setting some switches on or off, and that’s it!

    - Effortlessly Connect everybody to the cloud
    Once your organization has its own cloud, all staff, students, publishers and parents can access their relevant information through their accounts.

    - Stay current even on the go
    Buddy makes sure everybody is up to date; thanks to push technology and 3G connectivity

    - Expand your cloud storage on demand
    Using the cloud enables on demand scalability for organizational storage, so that you never pay except for what you need

    - Keep your data safe
    Your smart device was broken, damaged or even stolen? Don't panic, all you have to do is access your account on a new device and watch the magic as the cloud pushes all your data back

    Immersive educational experience
    Experience rich interactive content on brilliant multi-touch human friendly smart devices that make studying and learning more fun.

    Knowledge base on the go
    Take your entire library with you anywhere without the burden of a heavyweight backpack.

    Interactive content
    Create an engaging learning experience through interactive content that leverages the desirability to learn and improves knowledge transfer.

    Social learning
    Dive into an exciting social experience by sharing notes among students and instructors across various institutions and capitalizing on one another's resources, knowledge and skills.

    Cross platform solution
    Have the freedom of choice between amazing smart devices; buddy flawlessly works on any device regardless of its platform

    Green solution
    Give life to more trees, address environmental concerns by replacing paper and ink with smart devices.

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