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    For students of the Peak Producers training program, the app provides mobile access to your Online Resource Center. Use the app to view action steps, track your activities, watch additional training modules and access exclusive resources. 

    Not a Peak Producers student yet? Use the free app to preview program content and find a class near you. 

    Interested in bringing Peak Producers to your office? Use the app to find out how you can facilitate this program and increase the productivity of your agents. 

    About Peak Producers: Developed by industry expert Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego, Peak Producers is the most comprehensive sales training program in the real estate industry. Whether you’re new to the business or a 16 year veteran, this dynamic, 12-week program will teach you how to generate more leads & close more transactions, overcome peaks & valleys in your income, get every buyer off the fence, navigate price reductions like a pro and conquer the chaos of this business. Learn more at 

    About Buffini & Company: We are North America’s largest Coaching and training company. Buffini & Company equips real estate, lending and service industry professionals with a system to consistently generate high-quality leads, dramatically increase sales and live a balanced life. 

    Through his live Turning Point™ events and successful training programs, Brian Buffini has trained over 2 million people in 37 countries. Buffini & Company has provided Business Coaching services to over 50,000 professionals. In 2011, our Coaching Members earned an average income of $186,140. Learn more at

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