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    It would be nice to have simple Math learning tool that will tell the kids, where they stand on each topic for US Eighth kids and help them measure themselves, where they stand in order to focus on the weak topics and prevent them from concluding they don’t know Math. There is an App, its called CA Eighth Math from Teeneinstein - will tell the kids, where they stand on each topic for US Eighth kids.

    Teeneinstein Eighth Math helps build confidence & mastery in Math and facilitates Math learning for United States' Grade Eight kids.

    App helps the student to perform well in US's Grade Eight Math exams, in building the Math fundamentals, STAR Test preparation plus future SAT preparation.

    Tip: Math is all about basics and hard work, and its unique, it cannot be mastered by light reading, one has to learn the basics first, techniques and mastery comes by daily practice and more practice the better. Before working on any problem, spend time to understand the problem and start solving them using paper & pen - no shortcuts and do as many as problems as possible with full concentration. This helps in building confidence and mastery comes over a period of time.

    Math requires 1-1 concentration; it requires full attention and no distractions and positive frame of mind, make sure all negativity is blocked and always be an optimist with full of can do positive frame of mind.

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    ★ Intended for - Eighth kids

    ★ What Topics are included?

    Confirms to California's Standards.
    1. Functions
    2. Number System
    3. Statistics & Probability
    4. Geometry
    5. Expressions & Equations

    App has more than 800 questions with more than 20 Graphs and has two levels 1. Basic and 2. Advanced plus lot of unique features like setting the limit for the number of questions the student would like to answer. It has plenty of beautiful graphs to explain the students where they stand and how they are progressing in each topic and they can share the reports and graphs with their parents and friends by email and SMS.

    ★ App Features -

    Confirms to California's standards.
    STAR Test Preparation
    Future SAT Preparation
    800+ Questions
    20+ Graphs
    Facilitates solid Math foundation

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