Canadian Activity Coins and Bills

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    This program teaches the student to use coins and/or bills to buy an item for sale with rounded Canadian currency.

    At the top of the screen is an item (say, an apple) for sale. Under the item is the price ($1.52 in this example). Under the price is a counter showing the amount that the student has paid so far. Under the counter is a matrix with coins and bills available to the student. The student clicks on the coins and/or bills to make the counter show the rounded number ($1.50) for the price shows. When the student thinks the amount is correct, he/she clicks on the “Buy it now" button. If the amount is right, a congratulatory animation appears. If it is wrong, the student must try again.

    Under the matrix are left and right arrows. Click the right arrow to move to the next exercise. Click the left arrow to repeat an earlier exercise. Click “Refresh" to restart the current exercise. Click on “Done" to close “Activity Using Coins and Bills to Count out Money" and return to the main program.

    When this is selected, the program can be used to train the student.
    Select this option to measure the student’s progress. The “Report” button under “Test” mode is enabled.

    This displays results of the “Test”. The report Holds Only 20 Records.

    Grade On/Off: If it is on, app will monitor correct and wrong responses by the student

    Correct Answer: When a student response to a question with correct answer

    Wrong Answer: When a student response to a question with wrong answer

    Number of Total Attempt: Number of times a student tried to answer questions in the app.

    Bar Chart: Represents the student's performance graphically.

    View Records: If there are old test results, they will be shown on this screen. The current test result is always on top.

    Print: This will print the grade or data on the screen.

    Clear Data: This button erase all the data that was stored and free up the memory that data was occupying.

    Display the Value of the Coins or Bills is on
    This is the default setting. The value of the coin or bill (such as “10¢” under a dime) appears under the coin or bill.

    Display the Value of the Coins or Bills is off
    The value of the coin or bill (such as “10¢” under a dime) will not appear under the coin or bill.

    Command Text
    This option is selected by default. When this is checked, text appears at the bottom of the screen instructing the student to (for instance) “Here is five dollars. Please make change with 4 one-dollar bills and the rest in quarters.” If not checked, the command text does not appear.

    Congratulatory Animation
    This is selected by default. When the student makes the correct change and clicks on the “Change Made” button, there will be a congratulatory animation. Click anywhere on the screen or press the space bar to stop the congratulatory animation. When not checked, the animation will not appear.

    The range of the prices of items will be set here. Clicking $10- $40, for instance, will limit the prices of the items sold to $10.01 to $40. Here the teacher/therapist can choose the range of prices of the items being sold.

    Select All
    This box is checked by default. When the box is checked the prices of items being sold will range from $0.01 to $100.00.

    Click on the “OK” button to validate the settings and open this program.

    Click on the “Back” button to go previews page “Activity Using Coins and Bills” and return to the main page.