Capitals of the USA




    Do you know all 50 capitals of the USA?

    The Capitals of the USA app makes practicing and testing your knowledge of the 50 capitals easy.
    Run the app in the practice mode to swipe through the 50 states and their capitals.
    The state flag and a map provide the visual cues to facilitate the learning process.
    Note that while running the app in practice mode you can click on the map to access an interactive map which allows you to pan around for seeing more context.

    Feeling confident with your knowledge? Then try switching off the labels in the practice mode. Do you recognise all the states and their capitals just by seeing the flag and the map?

    Test your knowledge of the 50 states and their capitals against the clock running the app in quiz mode. Choose between random 10, random 20, random 30, random 40 or all 50 states to be tested on.

    - Easy way to practice and quiz your knowledge of the capitals of the USA
    - Practice mode allows you to build your knowledge of the states and their capitals
    - Switch off labels in the practice mode to enhance the learning process
    - Quiz yourself on random 10, 20, 30, 40 or all the 50 states
    - Multiple choice answering
    - Access the interactive map in practice mode to get more context of the capitals

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