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    Its not Skill that matters ,its Talent that matters for IT giant companies interview questions

    Interview questions from

    and lot more

    Careercup is free version ,which have adds

    After looking at the Interview questions ,you will get an idea of the way of preparation you need to get into giant companies like Microsoft ,Google,Amazon,Facebook,Epic . You will also know the type of questions they ask

    Careercup Interview app helps you a lot for preparing for IT interviews

    Careercup Interview app gets you a good job by your good preparation

    Programming Skills shall be enhanced by the Interview questions you face here

    Careercup Interview app is for those who matter programming as their life ,and who think programming is life

    Careercup Interview app is for those who wants to get a good placement in short period by the pre-solved Interview experiences
    This app is all in one app for
    Job Interview Algorithms Data Structures Engineering Computer Science Programming Interview Qs Operating System Database Company Interview Job Hiring Network Programming C++ C Java Google Adobe Amazon Apple Samsung Job Preparation Interviews Techincal Qs HR Question Puzzles Brain teasers Career Resume Job Salary Technical interview DBMS OS RDBMS programming guides
    You can be expert in these after praticing-
    - C Programmes ,
    - C++ Programmes
    - LinkedLists,
    - Data Structures
    - Trees
    - Graphs
    - Algorithms
    - Time Complexity of Algorithms
    - Algorithms Explained with Figures

    Algorithms of

    -Greedy Programming
    -Dynamic Programming
    -Searching and Sorting
    -Pattern Searching
    -Divide and conquer
    -Bit Algorithms

    All d best enjoy the best part of programming .keep programming .

    "EAT PROGRAMMING for Careercup ,LIVE in PROGRAMMING for Careercup , SLEEP PROGRAMMING for Careercup" - a programmer

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