Cat trouble in mouse villeage




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    'The book brand [Arbol] of publisher JIHAKSA Co., Ltd.
    is first introduced as classified brain training picture book.

    This series is picture book that was made by applying the best effects
    for the equal development of brain and was based on an interesting story
    focused on children's eye level.

    Peaceful mice village is just troubled by runaway cat.
    Will those mice find a way to bring peace again to their village?
    “Cat Trouble in Mouse Village”is a storybook about those mice.
    Enjoy a whole new experience with Smart Phone and Table PC!

    Major Features
    ★★★Language- English/Korean Support★★★
    ★★★selecting pages – move to the pages where you want ★★★
    ★★★Games- Cheese Cheese, Drawing Cat★★★

    Get smart series – 04 Memory

    Piece by piece memory training to encourage comprehensive mind!
    The course begins with showing partial characteristics of the cat.
    You can only get black silhouette at first chapter. But when you go further through the application chapter by chapter, you will get more detail of the cat such as tail, whiskers, color of left eye, etc.
    Just like assembling those jigsaw puzzles, you kids can image the cat by gathering the details.
    This could be the ultimate memory training experience.

    Unique artwork with impressive lines and colors!
    For better memory training experience, those artworks in this application has impressive and unique detail. Color of eyes and fur, length and shape of whiskers, stripe of the tail, all of them are carefully designed and painted by specialists.

    [Cat trouble in mouse village] is a memory training part of “Get smart” series.
    01. Reasoning
    Who lays the egg? Let’s follow the little monkey wandering around to find the mother of the egg.

    02. Observation
    Hide and seek – Your kids will learn how to explore and observe their environments carefully

    03. Expression
    Expression will come after the courage – always.

    04. Memory
    Let’s make a picture of the cat that lost its way back home.

    05. Discretion
    Guide Bom and Ari to the market safely.

    06 Comparing
    Bigger? Longer? Higher? Smaller? More? How to “Compare”?

    07 Relations
    How to make friends?

    08 Imaginations
    What will the baby look like?

    09 Think differently
    Everyone is entitled to his own views

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