cheese steak of map




    This make you want to go America "cheese steak of map"

    In America, there are a lot of state.
    Do you know some of the state?
    New York? California? Anything else?

    If you know the name and location of the state, you feel close to the U.S..
    "Oh, I heard this place name!"
    "This place has been spoken in the movie!"

    Knowing the place name is one step to know the culture of the country.
    I think this is good for the learning of English.

    Now, let's master the map of America!
    And, let's go to that location actually someday!

    Not only in the story,
    If you do not stand in the land actually, there should be impressed what you do not know!

    Now, Please get the America by cheese steak!

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