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    HeChinese Series:
    1. HeCharacter (On Google Play);
    2. HeInput (This application);
    3. HeBook1 (On Google Play);
    4. HeBook2 (Coming Soon).

    If you feel difficult to use this application, you should try HeCharacter and HeChinese applications first

    HeChinese is a systematical theory and technology for Chinese words, which includes 25 Chinese characters and their varieties, Chinese words' analysis and decomposing rules, and Chinese word study, practice and typing method.

    HeInput as a input method can type Chinese much faster than PinYin and other input methods on phone and computer.

    HeInput method can type 21,003 words(only 3,500 words are daily used), 180,000 Phrases, has rich features such as code prompt, PinYin prompt, search words and code by PinYin, linked typing, adding personal phrases, etc.

    HeInput also using 26 numbers(formed with 1-6 six digitals) to encode 26 English characters.

    Full featured input method with many features such as code prompt, PinYin prompt, using PinYin to search words and codes, symbol typing, and have simple English typing as bonus.

    HeInput Advanced Features

    1. Add personal phrases.
    You can add to system many often used phrases such as your Chinese name, company name, address, etc. for quick input.

    2. Linked input.
    It is helpful for Chinese learners to know linked phrases.

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