This application has question and answers of the below topics which is syllabus for B.Tech/BE 1st year students.
    Elements of civil Engg/Engineering Mechanics
    Topics included are,
    1. Support reactions,
    2. Centroid,
    3. Substructures and superstructures,
    4. Material technology.
    UNIT I
    1. INTRODUCTION: Scope of different fields of civil engineering, role of a civil engineer
    2. PRINCIPLES OF STATICS: Types of loads, supports, beams, statically determinant and indeterminate beams
    3. Support Reactions: 27 solved numerical
    4. Quiz (43 Nos)
    1. CENTROID OF GEOMETRIC FIGURES: Locating centroid of a triangle, rectangle, circle, semi circle, quadrant of a circle by using method of integration (first principles), centroid of simple built up sections, numerical problems.
    2. Solved 47 Numerical
    3. Quiz (22 Nos)
    1. SUB STRUCTURE COMPONENTS: Foundation,functions-types of foundation like masonry foundation,isolated foundation,combined foundation,raft foundation,grillage foundation and pile foundation.
    2. SUPER STRUCTURE COMPONENTS: Walls-functions of walls,requirements of walls,doors and windows,lintels-its types and functions,roof-types and functions,flooring-functions, staircase-components of a staircase,types of staircase.
    3. MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY: Properties and uses of bricks,stones,timber,different types and uses of cement. Concrete: Ingredients,properties and uses of fresh, hardened and reinforced cement concrete, arches,stone masonry,shoring,scaffolding,chejja,weather proofing course,damp proof construction.
    4 Quiz (23 Nos)


    UNIT V

    Various questions are selected from different universities (VTU, Autonomous etc) question papers from the year 2002-2012. Along with the above questions, many more typical numericals, theory and quiz questions are discussed.

    The content is so clear that there is no need for a student/learner to refer any other books. This is also helpful to prepare for interview and to face any competitive exams.

    If you have any doubts or think it can be made more useful/understanding please contact me @

    I am working on releasing the other UNIT like moment of inertia, simple stresses and strains, SFD and BMD, equilibrium of forces, friction and many more.

    Stay tuned!!!!
    All the best for your exams!! :)

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