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    Upward Mobility's CLEP Management Exam Prep app for Android is a carefully constructed tool to help you prepare for the College Board's CLEP Principles of Management Exam.

    Your satisfaction is important to us and we have a no questions asked refund policy for all our Android apps. We encourage you to try our application out risk free and let us know by e-mailing if there are any issues.

    Each question is structured to help you master an important area of knowledge for the test. This module contains 158 simulated exam questions addressing nearly all the topics commonly covered on the CLEP Principles of Management Exam exam, including:
    Organization and Human Resources
    Operational Aspects of Management
    Functional Aspects of Management
    International Management and Contemporary Issues

    Each question is followed by a clear and insightful explanation paired with a Key Takeaway that summarizes the key learning point of the question, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material. Key Takeaways also support the answer with important insights on how to practically apply the knowledge in real world situations so you can be more successful in your career.

    About the CLEP Principles of Management Exam

    The Principles of Management test covers material typically taught in introductory course on the essentials of management and organization.

    The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to earn college credit for knowledge that you have gained through your own study, prior course work, career, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships.

    The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and CLEP are trademarks of College Board which had no role in the creation of this product and does not endorse it.

    About Upward Mobility

    Upward Mobility creates high quality management education and test preparation material that is witty, engaging, and adds value in the learning process.

    We hire only expert writers who have strong knowledge in the subject matter and put all of our materials through a thorough review process. We deploy our content through mediums such as mobile applications and other interactive channels.

    We are a double bottom line company that is committed to education in the developing world. Some of the profits will be used to deploy education via mobile phone in emerging countries to improve their total factor productivity growth.

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