Clothing Matrix

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    This program helps the student learn to recognize, spell, and read names of types of clothing. This program can be used by kindergarten children or learning-disabled (autistic or with other disabilities) children of various ages.

    Number of clothing items shown in this app is 16 and each item has two pictures and two animation. Altogether there are 32 pictures and 32 animations.

    Clothes are shown in a two-row, two-column matrix. When a student clicks the picture of a clothing item, an animation related to the item plays on the box on the right side of the screen. There are, in this program, two pictures and animations for each clothing item. Click on the picture to view the next picture and animation.

    By clicking on “ >> ” or “ << ” the student can view the next or the previous set of clothes.

    Settings for Clothing Matrix:

    The program pronounces the name of the clothing item.

    The name of the clothing item appears just below the picture.