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    Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach in a perfect weather, or perhaps you are fishing off your favorite spot. Feels nice, doesn't it? Well, OK, welcome back to reality, you have a test coming up!

    What if you could do those things you enjoy doing and still get an "A" on that test? Sounds unreal? Well, read on!

    Our business is not developing new material that no one have ever seen before. Why recreate the wheel? Instead, for a price of a sandwich, we will provide you with a solid, proven to work, content and freedom to study wherever you are, even if you are away from your computer and the Internet. You’ve studied hard and you deserve some freedom!

    Yes, you could probably find similar material on the web and maybe even for free (if you are lucky) and if your way of studying is being glued to your desktop or a laptop, spending time browsing through numerous ad infected links, writing down the answers and figuring out the result, then maybe this tool is not for you. However, if you are willing to free yourself and try a new easy way to learn, then you just found it!

    Prepare for your CNA State Board examination by learning over 180 questions from anywhere you are. The questions are taken from the real State Board exams and are exactly what you need to pass it.

    We know that students like you have more than one way to learn. Therefore, we have designed the application with that in mind.

    In our Learning Center you may browse all questions in the flash card mode or study by randomly answering questions.

    When you feel that you are ready you can test yourself with a short 25 question quiz or take a full 70 question test. Tests are saved automatically, so no worries, you can stop and load it next time.

    Good luck on your test!!!

    PS. We are a new company and our apps are also new. This is the reason there are no reviews, yet. Even though, every app goes through hours of regression testing, bugs may still exist. If you find an issue, email, text or even call us ASAP. The fix may come out as soon as the same day.

    This app is available on a PC and Apple, spread the word to your colleagues. Please visit for more information and the downloads

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