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    Coin collecting is not as simple as keeping coins: it may be observed from numismatists or even coin enthusiasts that it is a systematic and somewhat complicated hobby. Certain tools must be employed to ensure both fun, discipline and to some extent, good profit.

    Collecting coins is a longer term goal, however, the happiness of pursuit is always more important than the rapid completion of a set of coins. The inherent enjoyment is always found in the process of collecting, and fulfillment is found in its completion. Once fulfilled, a new goal, set quickly, will begin a new road towards further pursuits of happiness.

    Stepping up, or improving your coin's grade, in a graduated process, is far more pleasing because it adds more activity, allows completion of sets (albeit temporary for the actual grade desired), the cost is less or spread out, and makes for continuous progress. The fewer numbers of coins available in the next higher grade, the costs of each upgrade being higher, and putting a higher value on your time, makes the approach of buying only the "goal coin" undesirable. Doing so will degrade your progress, enjoyment and appreciation.

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