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    Discover How To Win Free Scholarship Money For College Now!

    This guide shows you in detail how to hunt down, apply for and win college scholarships.

    Here is just SOME of the expert information you will find inside:

    ★ The S.C.O.O.P.I.N.G. method for winning money for college through scholarships.

    ★ Can you apply for a scholarship after you’ve already started classes?

    ★ Is “first come, first serve” in effect when applying for scholarships?

    ★ 11 fast facts about scholarships you need to know before you get started.

    ★ 13 common mistakes that you MUST NOT make on your application.

    ★ 11 reasons why a scholarship may be the perfect fit for you. (Hint: If one of these applies to you, make SURE you say so when asked.)

    ★ 5 different types of scholarships. (How many apply to you?)

    ★ Where to find scholarships that choose from smaller fields of candidates.

    ★ 11 common types of organizations that may have a scholarship waiting for you.

    ★ 7 types of scholarships the federal government is in charge of.

    ★ 9 alternative sources to seek and find scholarships.

    ★ The single most important document you can fill out when applying for federal, state, or school-administered financial aid college and graduate school.

    ★ A dynamite resource for tracking down the perfect scholarship for you.

    ★ The top 10 reasons why some people fail to successfully apply for financial aid.

    ★ 10 steps the most successful scholarship applicants will take to increase their chances of success.

    ★ The secret to setting yourself apart from other applicants to almost force screening committees to notice you.

    ★ 6 key ingredients to the perfect Scholarship Application Package.

    ★ How your private information can be sold when filling out scholarship applications, and what to do about it.

    ★ 6 organization tips to maximize the number of scholarships you’ll have time to apply for. If you don’t stay on top of the application process, you could lose thousands in scholarship dollars.

    ★ 5 power-plays for putting together the perfect scholarship application.

    ★ 6 scholarships sources you may have never heard of.

    ★ 7 telltale tips that the “Scholarship Opportunity” you’re looking at is a scam.

    ★ 11 hot topics to use for your essay or recommendation letters.

    ★ 14 ways to prepare before you start the application process (which will be very important later).

    ★ What should NEVER be left out of your introduction essay or application letter.

    ★ Professional writing tips for your essay that will help you stand out from the competition.

    ★ 4 final checks you must do before sending in your application.

    ★ These types of scholarships REALLY add up – and may make all the difference in where you go to school.

    ★ When is too early to call in and check on your application?

    ★ Is it OK to write a super long essay? Will it help of hurt?

    ★ 11 Do’s and Dont's during the scholarship process.

    ★ and much, Much More!

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