College Study Buddy




    The College Study Buddy is the buddy every student needs.

    Don't let disorganization hurt your GPA any longer.

    It is a planner application designed by a student for students. It has optional notifications (Planner Assistant) which will go off at the end of selected classes to remind the user to use their planner. It keeps people organized in an easy to use and convenient way. Additionally, the College Study Buddy has the option to send morning reminders to notify the user of everything going on for the day and optional nightly reminders to help the user remember as assignment due dates and test are approaching.

    Keep in mind this is just the beta version. Since this was developed by a student in his spare time, there are many things which are still going to be added (Graphics especially). So be patient and see how great of a buddy the College Study Buddy can really be.

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    ** This application will check your network and phone state and use internet access to perform its basic functionality **

    ** It will also use the vibration feature and when your phone is turned on after being off reset the notifications **

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