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    This is not a standalone application: you need to install Tools For Autism (2.0 or greater) to use this module.
    You can install Tools For Autism for Free here:

    This module allows creating and displaying Communication Boards ie a set of symbols (photographs, pictures, line drawings, letters and words) that enables verbal and non-verbal autistic people to come back to the expressed communication.

    ** HOW TO USE **
    Install the module from the Play Store (search for "TFAPlugin") or directly wrom within the Tools For Autism app (enter in operator mode, press menu and select the "Published modules list" button)
    Once installed, the module will be visible directly on the main screen of the Tools For Autism app.
    If you cannot see the module in the main screen (it may happens if you installed the module from the Play Store), select the "Published module list" as described before to refresh the list of installed modules.

    ** KEY FEATURES **
    [•] Support for switching among communication boards
    [•] It’s possibile to use custom images, drawings or pictures available on user’s device
    [•] Large set of pictograms (more than 8500, created by ARASAAC) can be freely downloaded from the main screen of the app
    [•] Import and export functions, allows to easily perform backup and restore operations, as well as to share communication boards between users and or devices
    [•] Supported languages: English, Italian
    [•] Text To Speech functionality to play communication boards contents (v1.3+); the language of the speech corresponds to the device language (if available)

    Note: the default password to enter in "operator mode" is "1234" without quote.



    Giulia Dall'Aglio: software development.
    Francesca Brunero: User interaction and psicological/therapeutic features.

    Keywords: autism, Tools for Autism, Touch for Autism, t4a, TFA, Social Stories, Task Analysis, Communication Boards, AAC, plugin, TFAPlugin

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