Compressible Nozzle Free




    1. Compressible flow in Convergent Divergent Nozzle

    2. Get mode of operation under specified operating conditions- Whether nozzle is Subsonic Nozzle, Normal Shock exist in Nozzle, location of Shock, Under-expanded or Over-expanded Nozzle. Compute Thrust, Exit Velocity, Exit Temperature and Mass Flow rate.

    3. Optimization of Nozzle - Optimize Nozzle keeping fixed Area ration or Pressure ratio. Find optimum expansion conditions for given Area ratio or Pressure ratio. Compute Optimized Nozzle performance like Thrust, Exit Velocity, Exit Temperature and Mass Flow rate.

    4. Paid version contains- Plotting Graph of Flow Variables like Mach No, Pressure, Temperature through nozzle.

    5. A tool for Students and Professionals in Rocket Propulsion design and Aerospace Engineering. Check first hand nozzle performance using this tool before going for complex CFD simulations.

    Before giving negative rating, Please mail me bugs or crashes, will try to fix as early as possible.

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