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    CompuCram® is an exam preparation software written specifically to help prepare you for the National Uniform Licensed and Certified Residential Appraisal exams. CompuCram® test questions are written by industry experts in the style of the exam, and is 100% guaranteed to help you pass your real estate exam the first time. This application is a demo of our product. The full database of practice exam questions can be purchased once you download the application.

    Build your confidence with CompuCram®, a guaranteed way to pass your real estate appraisal exam. Complete with:
    • Contains more than 1200 questions updated to 2012-13 USPAP
    • an unlimited number of exams
    • no expiration date
    CompuCram® is the tool you need to help you pass your real estate appraisal exam the first time!

    Real Estate Appraisal CompuCram® for covers the following topics.
    • Influences on Real Estate Value
    • Legal Considerations
    • Types of Value
    • Economic Principles
    • Real Estate markets & Analysis
    • Property Description
    • Highest and Best use analysis
    • Appraisal Math and Statistics
    • Sales Comparison approach
    • Site Valuation
    • Cost approach
    • Income Approach
    • Valuation of Partial Interest
    • Appraisal Standards and Ethics

    CompuCram® has 2 modes; a self-paced review mode for targeted study of the most important topics & a timed exam mode for taking an endless number of simulated exams.

    Self-paced review mode – where you can review one question at a time – and get instant feedback. We'll explain, in detail, why the answer you chose was correct or incorrect and give you insight into how to answer similar questions on the real exam.

    Timed exam mode – In order to simulate the real exam, CompuCram® allows you take timed exams that get you ready for the big day. In exam mode, you are given the same number of questions as on your real exam, in the same time allotted by your exam provider. At the end of the exam, you are given a grade, shown which categories you passed/or failed, and then allowed to review your questions.

    CompuCram® makes studying more efficient by focusing on what you need to know to pass your exam. We help you keep focused with extensive feedback/rationales, categorized questions, and comprehensive glossary.

    Extensive feedback/rationales – Every single question in our extensive question database, has complete rationales that thoroughly explain why the right answers are right, the wrong answers are wrong and how to answer similar questions on the exam.

    Categorized questions – The questions in CompuCram's® extensive database are categorized in the same way that the test outline is prepared. Because of this, you can choose to focus only on the topics that you need to.

    Comprehensive glossary - Because definitions are key to any licensing exam, CompuCram includes a comprehensive glossary of key terms – and highlights these terms when you are viewing our questions.

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