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    English has a many expressions that relate to animals. This app introduces you to some of them. What's "in a pig's eye"? How does "the crow fly"? Through Crow Sourcing we'll see if anyone remembers.

    The animal idioms you'll find in this app are not intuitive, so you must learn the origins of the sayings, or imagine them.

    Using mobile media and Twitter to pose questions and share answers, the project examines idioms relating to animals. In language there survives a wealth of experience some of which feels increasingly remote as people spend more time with screens.

    Crow Sourcing aims to use people (the crowd) to source (indicate origins of) idioms and ideas related to animals and their natures.

    The results contributed by people like you will be used in a website, a mobile app, a calendar, and a book.

    The project was initiated by Andy Deck, with a helpful 2011 commission from New Radio and Performing Arts.

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