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    It is an application that cursive convert the English alphabet block body.
    Joint of cursive also be to display clarity, and also helps to replicate and learning.
    Display of character has four functions.
    Standard, joint color-coded, character spacing, depiction animation.

    help the study of the cursive "joint display", "Interval Display", "depiction animation" !
    · Cursive specific and can be displayed in the character and the character joints is seen of "joint display", "Interval Display".
    • The joint display, the color of the character is changed to red and black one character, you can see the sequence of characters in cursive.
    • In the interval display, enter a space between characters, it becomes easier to read even continuous was cursive character.
    · In the depicted animation, it will demonstrate how the sentence was cursive conversion is depicted in the animation.

    handwriting learning
    You can learn cursive actually write on the screen.
    In a state in which the connecting up to three characters, you can practice while keeping in mind the joint.

    animation demonstration of character depiction
    It shows how the text of cursive is rendered.
    "Play", "pause", the remote control of the "Forward / Back", you can see how the cursive is drawn with the correct stroke order.
    At the same time, "the joint display", it is also possible to use the "Interval Display".

    In to choose cursive font, corresponding to various applications!
    Standard fonts, stroke order with fonts, font decoration, etc., can be displayed in seven cursive font.

    function of alphabet cursive conversion are two of the following.
    - Collectively the entered text to be converted to cursive (cursive text conversion function)
    - Handwritten in practice to write a cursive on the screen (cursive handwriting learning function)

    (Text conversion function)
    Enter the characters, text in the input field, it is a feature that can cursive conversion in the conversion button one.
    -Display (1) Standard (2) joints (3) can be selected from three types of intervals.

    (1) standard display will show normal cursive text.
    (2) joint display, the color of the characters are red, black, red, are displayed in black ... and different colors one by one character. Therefore, you can understand how to lead cursive character.
    (3) interval display, will be displayed that contains a space between characters.

    · Cursive fonts can be selected from seven.
    And display size, I can choose from large, medium and small.
    · Cursive converted text and font can be saved. and (saved text is also available Delete one item. No character limit.)

    (Handwriting practice function)
    Select the character you want to learning cursive from a list of 26 letters of the alphabet,
    You can handwriting of learning. Before the start of the handwriting will be demonstrated are role models of stroke order and writing by animation.
    Cursive can learn by connecting up to three characters.

    Learning cursive, as role model in the case of cursive use to letters and messages card,
    Character position or written order, differences between the decoration of each font can be confirmed, please take advantage of this cursive conversion app by all means.

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