Daily Word




    Let your Android smartphone tempt you every day with a new word: expand your vocabulary and have fun in the process :)

    ★ Features:

    - A word a day, at your finger: just open Daily Word to discover your new word of the day!

    - Quick access to search on the web (launch your browser to search about the word), translate (launch your search app to translate the word and its definition) and share (share the word of the day on your preferred social network, send it on a email to a friend or pin it on your note app)

    - Pin your favorite words to read them whenever you want: use the pin icon to save and delete the word of the day.
    - Read your pinned words from the dedicated list: tap on the cards to expand them and reveal the word definition

    - Text to speech the word of the day and lean how to pronunce it

    - Word pre-fetch: Daily Word will download the word of the day as soon as the midnight comes. Your word will be there waiting for you when you open the app, even if you're offline.

    - Daily Word Notification: let your device remind you that your daily word is ready!

    - Customize your word of the day notification: turn on and off vibrate, sound effect and LED light
    - Choose the color for the notification LED light

    - Rich notifications: let your daily notification contains the word of the day and its definition
    - Sticky notifications: hold the word of the day onto your notification drawer

    - Home screen widget

    - DashClock Widget extension [working with Better DashClock Widget too]

    - KitKat UI

    ★ Join the Beta Channel if you'd like to try new features in advance for the prices of experiments, unpredictable behavior and bugs. The Beta Channel is the perfect place for constructive criticism too, along whit requests, questions or simple comments about the developing process. Follow the link to the Google+ community for Daily Word Beta Channel:

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