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    We are a multi-service company which BUYS, REPAIRS, RENOVATES, MANAGES, and SELLS HOMES.

    We work with Sellers who:
    Are motivated to sell quickly due to transfer, divorce, job loss, income change, downsizing, death, fire and more.
    Simply don't want to wait the time it will take to sell their home or go through the hassle of showing their home, qualifying buyers, negotiating contracts or fixing up the property for sale.

    We work with several types of Buyers:
    Some want to secure a home, live in it now and want to explore all options in how, when and what type of financing they will get to buy the home.
    Others want to move into the property now before they complete the tedious loan application and loan processing delays.
    In some situations they need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment, time to solve credit issues, or just want to "try out" the house, schools or neighborhood.
    After our Optionee/Buyers move in, they are free to work with traditional Lenders to get "seasoned" so they can qualify for a new loan to buy the property.

    We also buy homes and resell them quickly to other investors and end users. Depending on the situation, we'll do limited repairs before reselling.

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