Differentiate It! (Calculus)

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    A perfect tool for college going students and mathematicians.

    Input the function and app will tell you derivative of that function.
    e.g. sin(x), sin(x)/x, e^x/x, log(x) and so on.

    You want higher order derivative? No issues, you there's a button "Differentiate Again", click on it, and it'll differentiate the previous output.

    You can also evaluate derivative at particular value of x.
    The app has beautiful interface.
    Customized keyboard is provided so that you don't have to type Sin, Cos, log etc. every time

    Students, with such a tool in your hand, you don't have to worry about differentiation anymore.

    NOTE - We have launched other mathematical tools on market - Graph Plotter, Numerical Calculus, Equation Solver, Matrix Calculator, Interpolation Calculator, Fourier Transform Calculator. Do check them out.

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