Diffraction of Light

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    Light is interesting and baffling because it exhibits both, wave and particle-like properties. This Physics app explains the phenomenon of diffraction. Diffraction is a unique property that distinguishes waves from particles. The fact that light diffracts provides convincing evidence for the wave nature of light.
    • What is diffraction?
    • Why diffraction of light isn’t as easily observed as in sound or water waves?
    • How can we observe diffraction?
    • What factors determine the amount of diffraction?
    • What kind of problems can we face due to this phenomenon?
    Seek answers to the above in this app. Diffraction caters to the curriculum requirements of high school students and above, but, nevertheless brings forth understanding to all those who are inquisitive.
    • The video facilitates a virtual environment for learning.
    • Text to facilitate better understanding at the learner’s end.
    • Images to foster comprehension and retention.
    • Fun of answering a quiz and checking for your grey cell efficiency.
    • Shortlisted web-links to boost your understanding with additional information on the topic.
    Download this app and enjoy learning with a difference. apps are created by Designmate (I) Pvt.Ltd., a leading e-learning company that pioneers in the use of graphics, animation and simulations to simplify concepts in General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For more information, please visit
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