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    Are you sick of using a folded page corner of your book as a bookmark?
    Are you sick of looking for a bookmark all over the house to start a new book?
    Want to know how many pages you read a day? a month?
    Then this app is for you!

    The first worldwide digital bookmark that allows you to keep track of all the books you read!

    Started a new book? Enter the book's name into DigiBookmark app and each time you finish reading click on the "bookmark" button to save your current page position. When you finish your book then it will be saved in your finished books list.

    Through the menu you can also get information on how many pages you read today, this month and since you started using DigiBookmark app.

    In addition, you can set a reading time by setting an alarm inside the app that notifies you when time's up.

    You can also send reading report by email that includes your reading process and your reading stats.

    DigiBookmark app supports English and Hebrew.

    DigiBookmark app is recommended for parents who wants to schedule a reading time for their children and track their reading progress. Teachers can also use it to get e-mail reports about their students' progress in school reading assignments.

    For any questions or suggestions, please send us an email:

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