Digital Marketing Dictionary




    This is a simplified niche dictionary with terms and their meanings dedicated to "Digital Marketing" and/or "Internet Marketing". The digital marketing dictionary is ideal for a beginner in this highly complicated and dynamic industry.

    We did not find an app like we created this app.

    The digital marketing dictionary can also serve as a training tool for digital marketing training institutes. The complicated terms and jargon used in the industry is explained in a few words for the lay user to grasp the meaning of the term.

    We do not promise that this app has all the terms that engulf digital marketing considering the wide scope and highly dynamic nature of the industry.

    This is a start as we could not find any dictionary dedicated to digital marketing and/or internet marketing.

    We will be making updates to this mobile app so as to cover more and more terms to finally make it into a complete training module for digital marketing and internet marketing training institutes covering an array of sub segments in the industry like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Web Designing, HTML, PHP , etc.

    The Digital Marketing Dictionary takes complex terms of digital marketing / internet marketing into your pocket.

    Digital Marketing Dictionary takes its complex terms into your pocket and in the palm of your hands.

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