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    DIY Clothes is a great instructional app with 85 video lessons on how to make and decorate and adjust your own clothes.

    You can look fashionable and unique whilst saving a fortune at the same time.

    The first 25 lessons are included with purchase and the rest can be added later.

    Make A Dress - Part 1
    Make A Dress - Part 2
    Make A Dress - Part 3
    Make A Dress - Part 4
    Make A Dress - Part 5
    How To Make A Layered Tulle Dress
    How To Make A Corset
    How To Make A One Shoulder Dress In 2 Minutes
    How To Make A Dress : How To Take Measurements For A Dress
    How To Make A Dress : How To Make A Dress Pattern
    How To Make A Dress : Tips For Using Dress Patterns
    How To Make A Dress : How To Sew A Dress Together
    How To Make A Dress : How To Shape A Dress Collar
    How To Make A Dress : How To Stitch On A Dress Collar
    How To Make A Dress : How To Iron On A Dress Pattern
    How To Make A Dress : Placing The Pattern On Fabric: Making A Dress
    How To Make A Dress : Tips For Decorating A Homemade Dress
    Chiffon Dress/Top Part 1
    Chiffon Dress/Top Part 2
    Sewing Jersey Part 1
    Sewing Jersey Part 2
    Sewing Jersey Part 3
    How To Make A Pleated Chiffon Skirt!
    Talula Betsy Blouse (The Lace Shirt)
    Lazy Lolita Skirt
    How To Make Bloomers!
    Tee Dress T-Recon Threadbanger
    How To: Classic Pencil Skirt
    How To Embellish A Tank Top Compai Girls Threadbanger
    Ruffled Holiday Dress
    How To Make A Panda Hoodie With Furry Ears And Hood
    Dc Street Fashion Panda Head Muss Clothing
    How To Embellish Your Shirt:Diy
    Dirndl Style Skirt
    Ruffled Alice Apron
    Easy High Waist Stretch Pencil Skirt
    Shortening And Fitting A Thrifted Skirt D.I.Y Repurpose Fashion
    Baby Doll's Sucker Punch Box Pleat Skirt With Yoke
    How To Make A One Shoulder Ruffle Dress
    How To Make An Evening Gown
    How To Make A Top Street Look
    Fabric Flowers 2
    Diy Add Easy Ruffle Detail To Your Top
    Diy: How To Make Lace Fabric Flowers
    Handmade Satin Ribbon Roses!
    Diy Ribbon Rose Rings (Easy How To!)
    Ribbon Flowers With And Without Wire!
    Sewing Tutorial: Draped 'Curtain' Tank Top
    Sewing Tutorial: Knife Pleated Skirt
    Front-Lace Up T-Shirt Reconstruction Tutorial
    How To Take In The Upper Bust Of A Pattern
    How To Identify Common Hip Shapes - Pants
    How To Turn An Oversized T-Shirt Into A Sexy Fitted Halter
    Resize Oversized Sleeves.
    T-Shirt Reconstruction- Puff Sleeves
    T-Shirt Cutting Class
    Boyfriend Dress Shirt
    How To Shirr Fabric
    How To Make A Romper
    How To Make A Summer Dress
    How To Resize A T-Shirt And Give It A V-Neck
    How To Customize Your T-Shirt
    8 Ways To Cut T-Shirt Sleeves - Plus Off The Shoulder Top
    How To: Cut Off One-Shoulder Tee.
    Tank Top Tutorial
    Diy- Embellished Tees
    Repurposing Unworn Pants Into Cute Shorts
    How To Make A Slack Dress
    How To Make A Dainty Little Cocktail Dress
    Tutorial: Simple Bubble Miniskirt
    How To Make A Ruffle Skirt
    Create A Layered Baby-Doll Dress
    Diy 3 (Graphic Tee Babydoll)
    How To Make A Simple Sexy Spring Dress!
    How To Cut T-Shirts (80's Style)
    Wedding Dress
    Diy Off Shoulder Batwing Tee Dress In 5 Minutes!
    T-Shirt Reconstruction: Shirred Summer Top
    Diy Quirky Corset Tee Shirt For Free People Blog
    How To Make A Tee Vest
    Reconstructed Tshirt Dresses
    How-To Dart A T-Shirt
    How-To Make A Summer Dress
    Make A Tube Top
    How-To Make A Body Form

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