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    DIY Plumbing is a must for all DIY enthusiasts who are keen to learn more and want to save money.

    This has over 100 video lessons from plumbing a washing machine to boilers to central heating to fixing a leaking tap!

    The first 22 lessons are included and the rest can be added later!

    How To Install A Washing Machine
    How Water Softeners Work
    How To Fix A Dripping Tap - Washer Change
    Electric Showers - Installation And Replace
    How To Change A Kitchen Tap
    How To Change A Kitchen Tap - Single Pillar
    How To Replace A Garbage Disposer
    How To Clean And Replace Showerheads
    How To Replace And Install A Kitchen Sink
    Plumbing Tips From The Experts
    Clogged Drain
    Wash Basin Install - How To Attach Wash Basin To Wall
    Wash Basin Install - How To Install A Pop Up Waste
    Wash Basin Install - Install Waste Pipe And Test
    Wash Basin Install - Hot And Cold Pipe Install
    Wash Basin Install - Plug Hole Attachment
    Wash Basin Install - Basin Tap
    How To Clean A Sink Plumbing Trap
    How To Connect Flexi Tails
    How To Fit A Toilet Seat
    How To Adjust A Toilet Seat
    How To Cut Copper Pipe
    Copper Pushfit Fittings
    Join Copper Fittings And Pipe With New Tool.
    How To Solder Copper Pipe
    How To Sweat Copper Pipes : Dry Fitting Copper Pipes
    How To Sweat Copper Pipes : Sweating Copper Pipes
    How To Sweat Copper Pipes : Fixing Mistakes When Sweating Copper
    Fluxing & Soldering Techniques
    How To Sweat Copper Without Burning Down The House
    How To Sweat Copper Pipes : Removing The Lips Of Copper Pipes
    How To Solder Copper Pipe Without Flame
    How To Sweat Pipe In 30 Seconds!
    Plumbing Training - Sweating Pipes The Right Way
    How To Repair A Dripping Shower Head
    How To Repair A Bath/Shower Fixture
    Toilet And Drain Home Tip
    123 Tub And Shower 1
    How To Install A Low-Flow Showerhead
    How To Find A Shower Valve Id Number
    How To Fit Or Replace A Shower Pump
    Shower Pan Installation [Part 1]
    Shower Pan Installation [Part 2]
    Goof Proof Shower - 3 In 1 Standard Shower Kit
    Goof Proof Showers Quick Pitch
    How To Install A New Dishwasher
    Adjusting A Dishwasher Height To Fit The Opening: On A New Install
    How To Secure A 'Loose' Dishwasher
    How To Mount A Dishwasher
    How To Level A Dishwasher
    How To Join Your Water Lines To Your Dishwasher Basin Sink Toilet And Washer
    Installing A Dishwasher: How To Connect The Drain Pipe
    How To Hook Up A Dishwasher Water Line
    How To Install A Dishwasher: Preparing The Drain Line
    Hooking Up The Electrical To A New Dishwasher: What's A Pigtail?
    Dishwasher Will Not Drain - High Drain Loop Installation
    Dishwasher Poor Wash - Blocked Pump
    Dishwasher No Fill - Tap The Flood Float
    Dishwasher Will Not Drain - Check Air Gap Or Disposer
    How Do I Unblock My Dishwasher Pump?
    How To Replace A Bath Faucet
    Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Tile Repairs
    How To Fix A Leaky Toilet For Dummies
    Bathroom Exhaust Fans
    Korky Toilet Repair Kit Demonstration
    How To Tile A Bathroom Wall
    Bathroom Remodeling
    How To Fix A Leaky Faucet
    How To Fix A Leaky Toilet
    How To Replace A Bathtub Spout
    Tips On Bathroom Plumbing
    How To Change A Toilet Flush Or Syphon Unit
    How To Build A Bathroom In About Five Minutes...
    How To Clear A Bathtub Drain With A Shop Vac
    How To Clear A Toilet Clog Using A Closet Auger
    How To Fix A Slow Draining Bathroom Sink
    How Pvc Compression Fittings Work
    How Compression Fittings Work
    Push Fit Fittings - Plumbing Tips
    3 Port Valves And Y Plan Heating Systems
    Pvc Pipe Push Fittings
    S Plan Heating Systems And 2 Port Valves
    Surrey Flanges - How They Work
    How Combi Boilers Work
    Unvented Hot Water Systems
    How Condensing Boilers Work
    How To Cut Pvc Plumbing In Tight Places
    How To Repiar Pvc Pipe: The Compression Fitting
    How To Check For Hidden Leaks In Your Plumbing.
    How To Join Pvc Pipe (With Pvc Solvent)
    How To Join Rigid Plastic Pipe
    How To Use Ptfe Tape
    How To Replace A Washer In A Leaky Faucet
    Installing Accessories And General Tips Part 1
    Installing Accessories And General Tips Part 2
    Installing Bathroom Faucet Shut Off Valves
    How To Fix One Radiator Not Working

    And more

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